A new vision for Kirkstall...

 What do you see?

Hundreds of local people have prepared a new Vision for Kirkstall Ward.

Download a copy of the report. (2.5MB)

This report, called "A New Vision for Kirkstall" sets out the main priorities that local residents hope to achieve. It is an "aspirational" document that says what people want, and roughly how they aim to do it. The report includes a mixture of short term goals and longer term objectives that we may not see immediately. This document will guide Leeds City Council in its planning policies and spending decisions, and may be quoted at licensing and planning meetings, although it will not bind the decision makers. The "Vision" may ultimately lead to the production of a more formal local planning statement that carries greater weight, but these are more complicated to prepare.

This plan was:

Who organised all this?

These events were promoted by local residents and community groups, assisted by Leeds City Council officers working for the Inner North West Area Committee. Inner North West Leeds comprises the four council wards of Headingley, Hyde Park & Woodhouse, Kirkstall and Weetwood. All the local councillors from different political parties supported the initiative and are still actively involved. The events described here are specific for Kirkstall residents, but similar schemes are taking place in other areas of Leeds. Participation is free, because Leeds City Council is underwriting the postage and administrative costs.

How come I have only just heard about it?

Give us a chance, we are doing our best! With the best will in the world, it is difficult to keep continuously in touch with 20,000 local residents. We started in early 2008, but it took a little while to get the various community groups together, organise a plan of action and get some explanatory leaflets printed. We had to decide how best to make contact with local residents, so that as many people as possible could be involved. This website is part of that exercise, as were our marquees at the Kirkstall Festivals. Many residents also had a leaflet through their letter box, or maybe their children brought one home from school. In addition to local schools, we held public meetings in pubs and clubs and community centres as the process got under way.

Have I missed anything?

The initial public consultation is now complete, but the Vision is always open for updating and amendment and it will take several years to put it fully into effect. The first stage was to find out what mattered most to Kirkstall people, so we designed a very open-ended questionnaire so that residents could set the agenda. We wanted to tackle the big issues first that most people find important. Now we are focused on specific solutions and smaller details, but initially we tried to get the overall balance right.

Click here to download a PDF version of our original questionnaire.

How do I take part now?

Send us your contact details. Tell your friends and neighbours about it. We have already received hundreds of responses, but we are aiming for a lot more. We want this Vision to be truly representative of the 20,000 people living in Kirkstall Ward. The final plan will be a better plan, and will carry greater weight, if we can prove that it is very broadly based, widely supported and not dominated by particular localities or special interest groups.

To join our steering committee, and receive notices of future events, please complete the on-line registration form. Alternatively, you could telephone Leeds 395 0978 or send a brief email message to info@kirkstall-vision.org or write to:

Kirkstall Vision
Inner North West Management Team
Leeds City Council
Pudsey Town Hall
Lowtown Road
Pudsey LS28 7BL

To keep in touch with you, and send you the most relevant information, we need to know:

Why do you need my contact details?

If you want to play a more active part in this, receive personal invitations to public meetings and follow the progress of the plan, then we need your contact details so that we can get back to you. We will post the main results on this website, but there will always be much more information available to residents who are actively involved.

What is the Kirkstall Activists' Network?

We are trying to establish a local email network for community activists in Kirkstall like the one that is already operating in Headingley. This has proved very useful for alerting people to unwanted developments, and coordinating residents' responses to planning and licensing applications. It has also been used for local debates, and to pressurise organisations like the council and the police to respond to complaints. At present Kirkstall is under less of a threat from unwanted developments than Headingley and Hyde Park, but that could easily change. It would be prudent for Kirkstall residents to get their act together before we are facing a major crisis.

Please complete the on-line registration form to join the Kirkstall network.

What will happen next?

The Kirkstall Valley Community Association has agreed to "champion" the Kirkstall Vision, and to carry it forward into the implementation stage. An all-day publicity event has been organised outside the Morrison's Supermarket on 5 June, and there will be a stall at the Kirkstall Festival on 10 July. We want to meet old friends and new volunteers to carry this process forwards into the new decade.

What will be the final outcome?

With your help, we will build a better Kirkstall, than more nearly meets the needs of the people who live there.

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